Burghley Country Fair: Review

It was a chilly and overcast Bank Holiday Sunday when my wife asked if we should go to the Burghley Country Fair, I will admit that there was a ‘fair’ bit of scrunching of the nose and a lot of ‘Nah’ going on in my head. But before I knew it I was standing at the front gate faced with a £13 each entrance fee, which just deepened my reluctant mood.
Walking up the rolling drive we got our first glimpse of the Elizabethan house, it did look spectacular. The fair was set on grounds to the west side of the house. With over 100 stands to look at, it’s slightly overwhelming where to start. A beer tent soon appeared on my horizon, but a glimpse at my watch made me think twice, it was only 10:50am. Moving around the stalls there was plenty to look at from the country gent outfitters to drone cameras.
There was three main arenas all with a wide range of performances. Ranging from dogs, horses, ferrets to scurries verses Isuzu’s and stunt motorcycling. Further exhibitors and attractions were to be found around the edges. Vintage vehicles, archery, clay shooting, angling, blacksmithery, glass blowing and chainsaw carving that was surprisingly detailed.
One very eye catching event was the falconry. The impressive wing span combined with speeds up to 150 mph does keep your attention on the Peregrine Hybrid Falcon, as it teams up with gun dogs, swooping down in the hunt for fleeing game.
The day had removed it’s grey overcoat to become a delightful sunny afternoon, so after being engrossed for a few hours it was time to refuel. Once again there was no shortage of choice and it was time to sample the wares of the beer tents.
As you may have already gathered, from my somewhat hesitant start, it turned out to be a very enjoyable day and well worth the money. Not only would I come again, I would be able to recommend the show to others, so if there’s a country fair near you give it fair chance.

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