DIY Dentists

DIYDentistAfter reading an item in the news just recently, about the rise in people undertaking their own dentistry, using the cheap over the counter dental first aid kits or even household objects, my first reaction was, what did we expect?   Britain provides a supposedly free healthcare but with dental treatment being the most expensive in Europe and a high percentage of Britain’s practitioners making our dental treatment private, thus providing less access to NHS care. Despite the governments reforms, many people can no longer afford the imposed bloated prices. Although this did conjure up numerous images of people with minds adrift whilst using contact adhesives, fumbling to replace a filling or grappling with pliers to remove that painful tooth.
In my view, we will in fact be making a large U-turn in attitudes to health in this country. Simply put, if you have the funds, you’ll get the treatment or there’s always the flight to Poland option. Where will the DIY end, out in the shed with that trusted old Black & Decker sander to remove that unsightly mole?

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