Take a Walk…..

I think for many people now days, the “C” word has become a word that haunts us, and yes I’m going to talk about cancer. Whether we have someone close to us that has had their lives devastated by this unforgiving disease, or they are going through their own physical and mental battle, we are all fully aware of the suffering that this single 6 letter word can bring. I often hear the expression that someone was “lucky” in that their particular form of cancer has abated or even been cured. But how are they lucky?, surely “lucky” is not to have contracted cancer in the first place.
We almost take for granted the hundreds of people who have dedicated their lives in search of remedies for this, the evil ruler of despair and destruction. It’s these people I wish to briefly talk about today. I’m not going to bang on about what a marvelous job they do, we know they do a marvelous job. I want to talk about how we can help them.
One of the biggest steps we can take, is to take note of our own bodies. Both men and women should take a moment for a self-examination check. If your not too sure what or how to do this, contact your local doctor for full advise. You can find plenty of information online at the NHS websites. Remember, that catching symptoms early is a massive aid to a full recovery.
For me, I had been suffering from a low back ache and finally went to the doctor for some advice. I found myself sitting there completely fear stricken when I was told that I needed a full prostate exam. The “C” word wasn’t even mentioned, but for any man to hear “prostate” and “exam” in the same sentence will only conjure up the same conclusion – the doctor suspects cancer. “Luckily” my prostate was given a status of “normal”. My mind, however is now highly conscious of this threat.
I found myself giving a small donation towards the Prostate Cancer UK. This is another way we can all help. Since then I have been spurred on by watching “The New Full Monty” that I wanted to do a little more, so….
I had a decision to make, to find somewhere to take part in a “Full Monty”, or, go for a sponsored walk. I thought the walk would be easier on your eyes.

Maybe it’s time for your help…. Why not sponsor me, or give a donation, or maybe, take a walk yourself.

Make a donation
Find more events

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