Man-made Rodent

We are in dire need of a modern day Pied Piper. We are being infested by a grotesque beast, an augmented rodent brought about by the intervention of man. We are all facing this new menace, I am talking of course about the 4×4.

rc-carFrom young mothers who insist that it’s safer to take their children a journey of 200 yards from their home to school, then parking in ridiculous places, apparently blissfully unaware that no one can pass, to the overweight businessman who can’t be seen at the golf club without one.
Their lack of control concerns me the most, observe if you will how these brutes appear to need two parking spaces at Sainsbury’s, where the dim-witted imbecile  ended up behind the wheel of something so lethal that they can’t manage, especially in confined spaces such as car parks. Road humps merely serve as entertainment as they bounce over them, the closest the majority of them will get to “off-road”. Is it because they use greater amounts of fuel to travel the same distances as us lesser mortals that turns an otherwise calm and rational person into an egotistical moron.  They appear proud of their large carbon footprint as they tower above us on their rubber stilts, assuming that they own the entire road. If you have not already experienced being cut-up by one of them on the motorway, sit back and watch, as they bulldoze their way through our highways. It is for this reason alone, they have successfully taken the mantle from the man in a white van.
If we do nothing to quell the onslaught, the narrow roads in our villages and the thin winding country roads will suffer from the burden, that alone anyone meeting them head on coming the other way.

This has turned into a bit of a rant I’m afraid, due to the fact that I cannot see the funny side to what is rapidly becoming a plague. Although I can appreciate that there are exceptions, farmers for instance, require such vehicles to perform certain tasks, but Britain’s roads are already heavily congested and our cities are void of wide-open spaces for which to roam, so maybe more thought should be given by manufactures about the 4×4’s place in our futures.  So Britain, like Hamelin, it’s time to start playing our flutes, ignore the tune at our peril, or soon we’ll have to pay the piper.

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