Headmasters Office

Sitting outside the headmaster’s office her mind took a leap back in time to her own experiences sitting outside the same door, down the same corridor, at the same school. Now nearly 20 years on, with almost the same feeling of failure she had back then, she waited. Pondering over her life, wondering where the years had gone. She had so many plans.
As door opened, she became flooded with fear at the sight of silhouetted figure. She mentally shook away the past, realising it wasn’t about her.
“Come in please, take a seat” he gestured towards the chair in front of his desk. She was surprised at his attire, a very casual grey fleece and jeans. He had the trendy short beard growth and hair trimmed to precision. And he was far younger than she imagined he would be.
“I’m glad you could make it in” he continued, “I just wanted to bring you up to speed with Douglas’s latest exploits.”
Her heart sank. What had he been up to now? Once again her mind drifted, this time flash images of Douglas as he was growing up.
“I’m afraid we have caught him stealing” as he spoke, Sarah’s mind returned to the moment.
“Stealing?” she punched the air with her voice. A mixture of anger and fear.
“Well, he’s been found going through other pupils lunch boxes,” he spoke with a sympathetic tone.
“Stealing food, but.. but I always make sure he’s got plenty of food to last the day.”
He reached down and opened a drawer on his desk.
“I don’t think that was to do with quantity, more to do with quality.” He grimaced as the words came out of his mouth, knowing there would be a reaction.
“Quality?…” came the retort from Sarah.
“Let me explain,” he pulsed, looking at her, he wanted to relieve her of the stress that had appeared in her eyes.
“He’s been taking their fruit and vegetables and replacing them with the chocolate bars you give him.” Another pulse, the stress had been replaced with shock.
“Turns out he doesn’t want chocolate, he wants his 5-a-day.”

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