The After Burn

Relaxing: Sitting in the open air on summers evening, surrounded by friends, each with a glass or two, watching the logs burn in the burner to keep of the late night chill.
Living on the Edge: Hiring a high performance car on a race track and letting the feeling of complete recklessness flow though you as you burn rubber.
The Artist: Lining up your subject with the little piece of burnt wood, ready to apply the first strokes to that clean, white art paper.
Theatrical:  Rise to the crescendo as the frenzied Nero fiddled while Rome burns.
Musical: The anticipation as you wait for the newly downloaded tracks from Amazon, to burn on to a once empty CD.
Smell: The aroma form a freshly extinguished match as it’s discarded to the ashtray.
Sun worshiper: That all important, once a year holiday. Covering the kids in lotion to prevent it being spoiled on the first day by sun burn.
Disappointment: After obtaining a sort after recipe from a friend, finding all those essential ingredients, prepping and mixing, only not to keep an eye on the time and all that’s left is a burnt offering.
Temper: May you burn in Hell if you’re disrespectful about my article.

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