Weather or Not, It’ll Rain

Rain2We all do it, that quick check on the weather for the weekend, make plans around it, only to find they got the forecast completely wrong. It sounds like the ideal job, an apprenticeship with the Met Office weather and climate services, they will train you to use the thousands of pounds worth of instruments at their disposal. Learn to study clouds, use an anemometer to gauge wind speed, a thermometer to gauge temperatures, a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and not forgetting the weather satellites, giving high definition imagery as they orbit the Earth tracking weather patterns. Hours of research using the worlds most cutting edge technology, then you get to broadcast your findings that turn out to be nothing more than an educated guess. After years of hit and miss predictions, you can collate all that data and issue a statement to say how one month compares with the same month in previous years. “It’s the dampest month since records began”, “We’ve had 139.8 millimeters of rain, the fifth wettest on record” and your job’s done. I would like to know how they can be so constantly inaccurate…questions would be asked if I got my job so constantly wrong as much as the weather forecasters. So there it is, a job that has no pressure and I think I could do it from home, I wouldn’t need all those gadgets, just look out the window.  From where I am in the East Midlands, it’s simple, tomorrow is going to be overcast with rain.

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