RS Traditional Shave Cream: Review

3-5 Starsrs2511

Having used the RS (The Real Shaving Co.) Traditional Shave Cream (Step 2) for a couple of weeks, I thought it time to give it’s review.
As you can see from the picture it comes in a plastic tube, handy for a travel bag as this makes less mess and is a simple squeeze to produce the small amount needed for each shave. On opening there isn’t much scent but this becomes slightly stronger when in use. It has a fairly faint, slightly sweet aroma but I’m not too sure that I like it. You do need to use with a brush and bowl as I found that it didn’t lather very well applied directly to the face or in the hands, ending up with more of a light cream texture not a lather, not good enough for a comfortable shave. I then tried it with a badger hair brush which did produce a full lather after a good mixing in a shave bowl. I had better results using a boar hair brush, but the balance of water had to be right to maintain a full usable lather. The RS range is readily available from most supermarkets and is very reasonable price, but for me there was just something lacking.