Southpaw: Review


Firstly, I’m not the greatest fan of boxing, however numerous people told me that Southpaw was good to watch, even my daughter, so watch it I did. The story line isn’t exceptional, it simply follows the rise and fall of a light-heavyweight boxer Billy Hope played by Jake Gyllenhaal. But you get a good sense of feeling as the tragedy unfolds, watching how it affects him and his family as he tries to piece his life back together after he is found unfit to box. After hitting rock bottom he turns for help from an old boxing trainer Titus Wills played by Forest Whitaker. There is a small part played by 50 Cent (Go back to the music day job) and some very emotional scenes by Oona Laurence who plays Billy’s daughter. The film is 123 minutes long but with the aid of some good acting and well shot fight scenes you are kept entertained until the end. As I said at the start, I’m no boxing fan but this is well worth the watch and could be one for the DVD collection. 4 Stars

Cricket “Fun”draiser

CricketJune16-5-2Cricket has never been on my top ten list of sports, as I find it difficult to categorize a summer game in which you have to wear a jumper, as a sport. However, imagine my surprise after attending a fund raising event at a local cricket ground in Broughton Astley, that I enjoyed the whole afternoon and despite the weather trying to dampen the spirits of the participants, all had a good time and the beer tent was busy. The main event was a 6-a-side tournament played by the men. The 12 wan-a-be Joe Roots fought it out while the rest of us enjoyed something from the BBQ washed down with a chilled beverage. Then it was the turn of the women, brandishing their bats like good rounders players do, throwing them backwards to the unsuspecting wicket keeper as they took flight. So another drink and more socializing while they sorted the winners. I have no idea who did win, but I have come to the conclusion that this is the way forward, with ‘fun’d raising events that involve beer.