RS Traditional Shave Cream: Review

3-5 Starsrs2511

Having used the RS (The Real Shaving Co.) Traditional Shave Cream (Step 2) for a couple of weeks, I thought it time to give it’s review.
As you can see from the picture it comes in a plastic tube, handy for a travel bag as this makes less mess and is a simple squeeze to produce the small amount needed for each shave. On opening there isn’t much scent but this becomes slightly stronger when in use. It has a fairly faint, slightly sweet aroma but I’m not too sure that I like it. You do need to use with a brush and bowl as I found that it didn’t lather very well applied directly to the face or in the hands, ending up with more of a light cream texture not a lather, not good enough for a comfortable shave. I then tried it with a badger hair brush which did produce a full lather after a good mixing in a shave bowl. I had better results using a boar hair brush, but the balance of water had to be right to maintain a full usable lather. The RS range is readily available from most supermarkets and is very reasonable price, but for me there was just something lacking.

The Cutting Edge of Pampering

For many years we have all known how women like to pamper themselves. Be it a hair do, a manicure, a day at the Spa, even the sordid pedicure – how on earth anybody can touch someones else’s feet is beyond me. But in recent years male grooming has become a big business. Sometimes I still feel that it’s taken a bit far with fake tans and the likes of full body waxing. However last year I treated myself to a hot towel shave. I can’t deny that being tilted backwards while a complete stranger hovers over your face with a cut throat razor isn’t just a tad unnerving. Hot towels, oils and the subsequent cardiac arrest induced by the ice cold towel, leaving you with the sense of euphoria and trepidation of how your friends will adapt to your new face once the bandages come off.Ferry-153
That said, there is something about a close shave, you do feel like you have a new face, clean and ready for anything.
Since then I have strived to replicate the experience at home. I obtained some eucalyptus oil pre-shave lotion, shaving cream, a new brush, a bowel and of course a razor, all as close as I could as that used by the barber. I started with the straight razor, although after several attempts and a few nasty cuts later, I quickly opted for the Double Edge razor.
And yes it does take me nearly twice as long to have a shave, but there’s something very therapeutic about the routine, prepping the face, applying the lather, then gliding a naked blade gently over my skin until I’m satisfied with the result.
This has become an on going pursuit, with so many products on the market from blades, soaps, creams, lotions, razor bodies and after balms, it is easy to get caught up in the quest for the perfect shave.
What’s next you ask? Back, sack and crack?.. already booked.