Hacksaw Ridge: Review

Hacksaw Ridge

To be honest, with the words “True Story” and “about a Conscientious Objector”, I didn’t hold much hope of me watching it all the way through. The story starts a little slow as we get to understand the circumstances of why Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) decides not to pick up a gun when he enlists in the army. He has a rough ride through his basic training with hopes of becoming a medic. Then the action really starts with dramatic scenes of warfare in a bloody battle where our hero comes into his own. Trust me, you will stick it through to the end.

4 Stars

The Nice Guys: Review

niceguysSet in the 70’s, Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and Holland March (Ryan Gosling) are forced together to investigate a missing girl. They stumble about gaining leads on a conspiracy connected to the death of a porn star. I almost pasted by this film, but I’m glad I gave it a view. Both Gosling and Crowe work together well giving the film, although dark in subject matter, a light humours feel. Add to this the retro music backdrop and bad hairdos and it was very enjoyable to watch.

4 Stars

Legend: Review


Another look at the Kray Twins and how they became a legend. It depicts the rise of the notorious gangsters who during the 1950’s and 60’s gained control over crime in London. Through his writing and direction Brian Helgeland shows the torment between the brothers as Ronnie became more and more mentally unstable, while Reggie attempts to control him and their growing business. The twins are pursued by Detective Superintendent Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read, determined to bring their downfall.
The brothers are played by Tom Hardy, who does an outstanding job in making both brothers different and believable. Supporting roles are from Christopher Eccleston as DS Read and Emily Browing as Frances Shea (Reggies love interest). After watching this adaptation of the well documented of the crime duo, I couldn’t help feel that there was something missing. Not one that I’d sit through again and not I fear worth buying the DVD. 2-5 Stars

Southpaw: Review


Firstly, I’m not the greatest fan of boxing, however numerous people told me that Southpaw was good to watch, even my daughter, so watch it I did. The story line isn’t exceptional, it simply follows the rise and fall of a light-heavyweight boxer Billy Hope played by Jake Gyllenhaal. But you get a good sense of feeling as the tragedy unfolds, watching how it affects him and his family as he tries to piece his life back together after he is found unfit to box. After hitting rock bottom he turns for help from an old boxing trainer Titus Wills played by Forest Whitaker. There is a small part played by 50 Cent (Go back to the music day job) and some very emotional scenes by Oona Laurence who plays Billy’s daughter. The film is 123 minutes long but with the aid of some good acting and well shot fight scenes you are kept entertained until the end. As I said at the start, I’m no boxing fan but this is well worth the watch and could be one for the DVD collection. 4 Stars

Grimsby: Review


Okay, lets start with the story-line, Nobby, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, is a football hooligan from Grimsby. Nobby has spent years looking for his brother Sebastain, played by Mark Strong (totally wasted in this film) who is a MI6 assassin.  Finally finding him whilst he is in the middle of terrorist attack. Right, that’s the plot now the critique. There is some attempt at humor as they try to build on some of  the cliché stereotypical northern gags. Then it slides into depravity with smut, base vile shock tactics in an effort to be comical, some of which border on pornographic. This bad taste then continues throughout the film, it’s not clever, funny, nor entertaining. I am sooooooo glad that I borrowed this DVD and didn’t waste my hard earned cash  on this utter rubbish.  I’m no snob, but have we lost the ability to write humor?  Not one for anyone’s DVD collection. (They brought this garbage out on Blu-ray – WHY!!) 1-5 Stars

Deadpool: Review

deadpool1Superhero or Villain that’s the question. The film takes us through creation of Deadpool, from his life as a mercenary, to the frenzy of revenge after he is turned into self-healing anti-hero. Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, is wise cracking, smutty, and downright funny. The film is violent, has gratuitous sex scenes, plenty of swearing, a refreshing change to the deluge of the serious superhero films hitting us at the moment. Not to be missed by us more indulgent adults. Oh yes, my original question, superhero or villain, well I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one.  4-5 Stars

Memento: Review



Here’s one you might have missed back in 2000, Memento a psychological thriller staring Guy Pearce. Guy plays the lead role, Leonard Shelby, who sets out to find the man who raped and murdered his wife. Nothing out of the ordinary here I hear you say, until you learn that the event caused him to lose his short term memory completely.  Shelby has to piece together any clues he finds with the aid of notes, self-inflicted tattoos and Polaroids. Add to this the film itself has been put together in chunks forcing you, the viewer, also to piece together the clues, so my advice is to pay attention. There is a few surprises and twists along the way, all of which helps the film maintain a good pace keeping you watching till the end. Well worth a viewing and one for the collection. The DVD also allows you to watch the film in it’s correct order – but where’s the fun in that?  4 Stars

The 5th Wave: Review

2-5 Stars5thWave

The art of trailer making was not lost on this film. They managed to get the only good bits in the film into the short two and a half minute teaser.
The usual premise of the Earth being invaded by aliens and someone has to stop it happening. Well that’s the storyline apart from a few thinly covered twists that you can see a mile off, then it’s a shame they failed to back it up with any action, special effects or any detail to the first 4 waves and for that matter the half-arsed way tried to mislead you into who was leading the fifth wave. It was all so flat and predictable. So watch the trailer and save ‘waving’ goodbye to nearly two hours of your life.

Dad’s Army: Review

Having grown up with Dads Army on TV, unwittingly growing accustom to each Dad's Armycharacter, following it week by week, then year after year as it got repeated over and over again on various channels, I have grown tried of it. Then they announced the film. As you may have already deduced I wasn’t too enthralled about seeing it. Imagine my surprise as I found myself with a smile on my face while watching it. The humour is light, no bad swearing, just subtle one liners slid in here and there.   The cast worked well with all the well know faces, granted fitting in all the little idiosyncrasies of the original characters within the movies’ 100 minute time frame didn’t fully succeed. However for anyone that hasn’t seen the original series this is an enjoyable romp into the clumsy war time Home Guard platoon. It’s easy to compare and criticise but the film is well worth a watch. 3 Stars