Food for thought….


Once again Britain win an award for unadulterated stupidity… I ask you, “where is it safe to eat….?”
I ask this after watching a program on food inspectors from the Safety Standards Agency as they allowed us to follow them around various eating venues. From the facade of the plush dining areas and shop fronts, taking us into the vile depths of what they laughably call the kitchens from where the dubious chefs and cooks prepared food and then serve up to the unsuspecting public to consume.

Demonstrating just how easily for us to catch E coli by contaminating a knife used on meat then using it to created a simple salad sandwich without washing it in between. The potential of causing total kidney failure and then a long fight to get back to health.

On display was filth and grime and a total lack of cleanliness in conditions that had encouraged rats and mice. There was grease on the floors and walls, discarded food left in the open on the worktops and again on the floor.  After collecting numerous marks against their check, the inspector fails to give any rating their Food Hygiene Rating, or health & safety, let alone hygiene…. telling the owner of the establishment that it isn’t fit to process food. So with the mounting possibility of poisoning a unwitting consumer, did he close them down, forcing a clean up? Nope, he let them continue to trade for a couple of weeks before his return to reassess the situation. The public completely unaware of the horrors behind the door to the kitchen….is it just me, should they not just close these dirty bastards down?
…. so I asked again “where is it safe to eat?” Well in an aid to help I have given a link below for the Food Hygiene Agency Ratings, might be worth a check of where you’re eating before you eat.

It’s All Gone 4 Gordon

Gordon Ramsay shoutingHaving just finished reading Gordon Ramsay’s “Playing with Fire”, I find myself reviewing my opinion of Mr Ramsay and not just of his book. My wife and I experienced his live show a couple of years ago and to be fair it was amusing, but after reading this, I’m not sure whether or not he was just laughing at us, the paying audience.  He’s not a chef, he’s just a foul mouthed, egotistical, solo enterprise. He can barely bring himself to talk to anyone unless there is a personal appearance fee involved. How can anyone and I mean anyone, warrant in excess of $10,000,000 for just over one months’ work. When I say work, it appears that the cooking is secondary and his show now concentrates on him standing there swearing and generally belittling people that he feels are beneath him. I must say that I have gone right off the bloke. I’m sorry Gordon….done!