The Writing’s Not On The Wall For Chester

We had a pleasant surprise when we went for a weekend brake in the City of Chester. In an age where we are persuaded that all cities should be “multi-cultured”, it was very refreshing to see that Chester is one of the few places that has managed to preserve it’s identity and is proud to display it for all to view. The main streets were herringbone brickwork, very tidy and well maintained. The shops are restricted to keeping within the Tudor-styled half timber buildings. There is no horrible modern structures, nor any out of place mosques to litter the skyline.

The city centre is surrounded by the boundary wall which has been well maintained and is still almost complete. A stroll around the wall presents various places of interest, including the Victorian Eastgate Clock, the Cathedral and Falconry Gardens, and not forgetting the Roman Gardens & Amphitheater.


There are many pubs and eateries throughout and a walk along the River Dee reveals more tea rooms allowing for some time-out to refuel.
As we discovered, Chester is far more than just a shopping centre and is well worth a visit. After seeing part of British heritage is still alive and well it caused me to think about our rush towards the multi-cultured environments with our cities. A path that will create all cities to become the same, losing their historic individuality, so what will be the point traveling else where, you might as well just visit a city near you?


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