Santa, Real or Not?

father_xmasAs children we all loved Christmas, then as we get older we lose faith in it all, turning it into a booze filled holiday. Then we have kids and it’s all rekindled, the magic returns for a few years only to fade when they in turn, turn it into a booze filled holiday.
It therefore would be simple to say that Santa doesn’t exist. The idyllic vision of a fat man in a red suit, flying around the world towed by a team of reindeer is simply stuff of fiction.
So what is Christmas? I’m not going to talk about religious faith, you’ve either got it or you haven’t. I want to talk about the essence of Christmas.
Here’s where it goes wrong, I was standing outside a shop waiting for my wife and I couldn’t help overhear a couple that walked by, concerned that the gift set they’d just brought for someone, had a shower gel in and they’d already brought this person shower gel, so they’d take that out and give it to someone else. This is not Christmas, this is retailers heaven. Then there’s the idiots that use the Yuletide “merry” season as an excuse to go down the pub, get drunk and then drive, putting themselves and us at risk. This is not Christmas, this is selfishness. I’m sure I could continue with all the bad things, but that’s not what I trying to do here, we are hunting for proof of Kriss Kringle.
In resent years, my fondness of the festive season has returned again. And I think I know why, by pushing aside the bad points. The fact that we do want to see our families, met friends down the pub, give the right present, clutter our homes with flashing lights and trees, over indulge in our favourite food and drink.
So, does Santa exist? Well it’s really down to how we conceive Santa.We all basically want to feel good and want those around us to feel good and make this a special time of year. So therefore Santa is real in all of us.

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