Let it Grow

floral-bouquet-kind-loving-spirit-blo38426It’s coming up to that time of year again, my wife’s birthday and yet another occasion like Valentines day, where I will disappoint my wife by not buying her flowers. The fact is, I have never bought anyone a bunch of flowers, for anything. Why? Let me explain. I cannot comprehend how anyone can nurture a plant to full maturity, then cutting off the stems whilst it’s coming in to bloom. Then presenting these with a ribbon or wrapped in tissue paper with the intention that they are pertained as a delightful gesture.
For all intents and purposes, the offer is of dying posies, who’s longevity is only to be sustained for a short while by a vase full of water.
Surely the full plant, still with it’s life giving roots intact that can bloom again and again is the better option. But there lies another minefield of decisions. Which is the right plant that flowers for the right occasion? The recipients have no doubt familiarised themselves with the meanings of all known flower types, thus would quickly becoming distressed should you offer Lavender instead of Bluebells.
Other options are to seek advice from a florist or a garden centre. Should you dare to venture into a florist’s and request the aid of a well polished adviser, who will navigate you through the selections, enabling you to find the perfect blossom, only to find yourself facing the next conundrum, why is it that something that grows in nature is being sold at such an extortionate price. Obviously for florists and garden centres money really does grow on trees.

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