A Ferry at Burghley: Review


On June 12th 2016 Burghley House in Stamford  became the focal point of over 10,000 Bryan Ferry fans. Mr Ferry and his multiple piece band did not disappoint, starting with tracks from his latest album, then effortlessly sliding into pasted tracks from his solo career. It was difficult to believe that the former lead singer with Roxy Music was in his seventieth year and still going strong. His appearance was still the same, suited and well groomed, his smooth vocals with the excellent backing vocals glided through almost thirty songs.
Ferry-59The stage was set in the grounds of the Elizabethan Ferry-49house, with the lighting and large screen managing to highlight Mr Ferry’s unmistakable moves as he progressed though some old Roxy Music favourites. The atmosphere was captivating, the crowd was focused and singing along whilst picnicking, with food and drink a plenty and the rain held off.
So Mr Ferry, “Let’s Stick Together” and “Don’t Stop the Dance.”


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