Dad’s Army: Review

Having grown up with Dads Army on TV, unwittingly growing accustom to each Dad's Armycharacter, following it week by week, then year after year as it got repeated over and over again on various channels, I have grown tried of it. Then they announced the film. As you may have already deduced I wasn’t too enthralled about seeing it. Imagine my surprise as I found myself with a smile on my face while watching it. The humour is light, no bad swearing, just subtle one liners slid in here and there.   The cast worked well with all the well know faces, granted fitting in all the little idiosyncrasies of the original characters within the movies’ 100 minute time frame didn’t fully succeed. However for anyone that hasn’t seen the original series this is an enjoyable romp into the clumsy war time Home Guard platoon. It’s easy to compare and criticise but the film is well worth a watch. 3 Stars

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